God of War: How to Defeat the Last Boss of the PS4 Game

God of War, version of the action adventure game for PS4, was released on April 20, 2018. Throughout the story, Kratos and his son Atreus face a series of enemies, almost always very powerful, with good doses of pounding and violence. In this tutorial we will teach you to beat the last boss of the saga. However, it's worth the warning: there are spoilers! If you have not yet reached this point, we recommend following the tips only when you reach the time, so as not to compromise the experience. Follow, below:

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After the spoiler warning, let's go to the information: the last head of God of War is Baldur, son of Odin, Thor's brother and also a Nordic deity of some aspects, such as light. In the history of the game he is also the son of Freya, the forest witch. The fight is difficult and has some phases. Follow the tips to learn:

God of War: How to defeat the boss Svartaljofurr

How to defeat the last boss of God of War on PS4

Tip 1: The fight with Baldur begins indirectly. Kratos and Atreus take a defensive stance. Try to guess which spot he will attack in order to avoid the first blow;

God of War: The fight against the final boss begins indirectly in the PS4 game

Tip 2: The direct fight itself starts soon after. Baldur's energy bar is extensive and takes a long time to complete. Invest in blows with the blades or the axes, while avoiding your blows - which are first of fire;

God of War: The ultimate boss fight is extensive in the PS4 game

Tip 3: To make your life easier, keep Atreus equipped with the attack of the wolves or any animal on your arrow. It's a great way to deal damage on Baldur, without necessarily being around;

God of War: Keep Atreus equipped with wolf attack in PS4 game

Tip 4: In some moments the battle will stop and the game will ask for differentiated actions of Kratos, like eliminating an obstacle or climbing a place. Try not to delay, as they may have limited time;

God of War: The final fight will pause at certain times in the PS4 game

Tip 5: When you get halfway through life, Baldur will pull Atreus and Kratos over to the giant. Just follow the onscreen buttons to be able to beat this part, which will not draw much energy from it;

God of War: Just follow the onscreen onscreen directions on the PS4 game

Tip 6: From now on, all care is little, for Baldur will combine his attacks of ice and fire, alternating between one and the other. It also gets faster. Dodge to the maximum and do not try to defend - some scams are indefensible. Try to keep hitting him when he comes up and stay invested in the Atreus werewolf attack. Baldur will also summon ordinary enemies, eliminate them with the turn of the blade;

God of War: Baldur will summon ordinary enemies in the PS4 game

Tip 7: When the boss's energy runs out, finish the fight with a quick time event - you need to press the buttons in the right order to get the win. Take it easy so you do not make a mistake.

God of War: The final boss fight ends with 'quick time event' in the PS4 game

Baldur will be defeated and you will conclude the story of God of War soon after a brief walk. In this particular fight, the ax is not so useful, so focus on evolving the blades and also Atreus's damage abilities.

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