How to capture Meltan in Pokémon GO and Pokémon Let's Go

Pokémon Let's Go, Nintendo Switch, and Pokémon GO, mobile game for Android and iPhone (iOS), received Meltan, the new mythical Pokémon. The little monster is steel, but with electrical properties. He is an unprecedented creature that was developed just for the new game and does not appear in any previous franchise title. Learn how to get it in both games by owning a Nintendo Switch or not, below:

Pokémon GO reveals Meltan, mythical monster unpublished

How to get Meltan in Pokémon GO without a Nintendo Switch

If you do not have a Nintendo Switch or do not have access to one, do not worry. It is possible to capture Meltan while performing the special researches of Professor Willow. Know the levels of the research, with the missions already available and the tasks to be accomplished, below:

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Level 1

  • Rotate 5 PokéParadas or Gymnasiums
  • Capture 10 Pokémon
  • Transfer 5 Pokémon to the Teacher

Level 2

  • Win 2 Sweets with your Pokemon
  • Make 10 great plays
  • Shock 3 Eggs

Level 3

  • Capture a Ditto
  • Win 2 Gym Battles
  • Battle on 2 Reides

Meltan can be captured in GO Pokémon

Level 4

  • Capture 5 Steel-type Pokémon
  • Capture 5 Electric Type Pokémon
  • Win 5 Sweets with your Pokemon

Level 5

  • Evolve a Grimer
  • Capture 5 Slugma or Gulpin
  • Make 20 great plays

Level 6

  • Evolve a Magnamite
  • Capture 5 Exeggcute
  • Battle in 10 Reides

Meltan can only evolve into Melmetal Pokémon GO

Level 7

  • Evolve a Drowzee
  • Capture 1 Cubone
  • Evolve 1 Scyther

Level 8

  • Capture 2 Omanyte or Kabuto
  • Capture 2 Lileep or Anorith
  • Capture 1 Aerodactyl

At level 9, in addition to the rewards, such as Incubators, Sweets, Star Powder and others, Meltan will be available to be captured. However, only one of this Pokémon can be obtained this way - the remainder only via Pokémon Let's Go and the Mysterious Box.

How to get Meltan in Pokémon GO with a Nintendo Switch

The first thing to do to get Meltan is to transfer a Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Let's Go through GO Park.

Meltan in Pokémon Let's Go

After the first transfer, the player will be rewarded with the Mysterious Box in Pokémon GO. This box will make you catch Meltan in Pokémon GO. However, it can only be used every seven calendar days.

In possession of the box, after the transfer, do the following in Pokémon GO:

Step 1. Open GO Pokémon and touch the Pokéball icon;

Touch the pokébola icon in Pokémon GO

Step 2. Touch "Items";

Click the items menu

Step 3. Inside the Items, choose the Mysterious Box;

Select the Mysterious Box that won after the transfer

Step 4. Touch "Open":

Open the Mysterious Box

Step 5. The box will open;

Wait until the box opens

Step 6. The box will remain active for 30 minutes. At this time, several Meltan will appear on the map, very small and close to the avatar of the player;

Meltans will appear around the player in Pokémon GO for 30 minutes

Step 7. Just capture Meltan with the normal gameplay procedure;

Capture Meltan normally in GO Pokémon

How to get Meltan in Pokémon Let's Go

To get Meltan in Pokémon Let's Go, you need to capture it first in Pokémon GO. After that, perform the transfer process again, taught in the link above, and capture Meltan in the common procedure.

Pokémon Let's Go

Meltan can be used in a free way in Pokémon Let's Go. However, it's worth noting: it does not evolve within this game. To get your evolved form, called Melmetal, you need to collect 400 Meltan Candies in the Pokémon GO and perform the evolution there before the transfer.