FIFA 19: how to play the new mode Alternative Rules

FIFA 19, EA Sports football game available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360, has as one of its novelties the Alternative Rules mode, where players can play offline matches in a number of different modes, ranging from "Golden Goal" games (where first scorers win), even completely foul matches, and the Battle Royale style mode, called Survival. Check out the guide and learn how to play.

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Step 1. To access the new FIFA 19 modes, select the "Play" tab in the main menu and click "Quick Play" at the bottom left of the screen;

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FIFA 19: how to play the new mode Alternative Rules

Step 2. Choose the Alternative Rules mode to access the new FIFA 19 game styles;

Select the FIFA Alternative Rules mode 19

Step 3. In this screen you can check the five new FIFA 19 modes. Just choose which one you want to play to follow to the match;

Choose one of the alternative modes of FIFA 19

Step 4. Named "Battle Royale" by fans of the game, Survival mode is one of FIFA 19's funniest and funniest games. In it, every time a team scores a goal, it will lose a random player who will be "kicked out" . This makes matches harder and more balanced, and requires an extra dose of player strategy to deal with adversity;

Players celebrate expulsions in FIFA 'Battle Royale' 19

Step 5. Vale Tudo is an ideal alternative for those who are only looking for a fun game, or who are playing with people who are not familiar with the rules of the sport. Here literally everything goes, since the game has no impediments, no type of foul or cards;

Abuse of unmarked carts and handicaps in the FIFA All Ticket 19

Step 6. The other options are "De Fora Vale 2", where long distance goals will count as two goals, "Headers and Volleys", where only head goals and with the ball in the air will be validated, and "Whoever wins", a kind of Golden Goal, where the first team to score wins the match;

FIFA 19 Alternative Rules has five modes

Step 7. It is possible to use all FIFA 19 teams in modes, including edited players, or even exchanges of athletes between teams. If you do not have a colleague to play, you can also play against the machine. Unfortunately, Alternative Rules does not offer online matches.

Alternative FIFA rules mode only features offline matches against friends or the machine

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