How to change the Router's Vivo Box password to protect the device

Vivo Box comes with a standard login and password for all devices - "admin" and "vivo12345", respectively. This makes the network potentially exposed because anyone connected to the Wi-Fi can access the router's administration page to make changes. There you can change the Wi-Fi name and password, free up ports, reboot the device remotely and more. To prevent this from happening, the solution is to change the default password.

Check out, in the next step, how to change the access password of the Vivo router. The procedure is performed by the Vivo Box administration page, which can be accessed in any browser, PC or mobile.

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Learn how to change the password for the Vivo Box router administration page

Step 1. Access the router administration page. If you do not know the address, you can use the "ipconfig" command in the Command Prompt, and note the IP that appears in "Default Gateway";

Discovering the IP Address of the Router

Step 2. On the left side of the administration page, click on "Management" and then "Change Password";

Access the router management settings

Step 3. Enter the current username and password for the router. By default, the login is "admin" and the password is "alive12345";

Enter the current username and password for the router

Step 4. Re-enter the current password and, below, enter the new password and confirm. Finally, click "Save".

Changing the password for the Vivo Box

Ready! Now your Vivo Box will be immune to unauthorized access.

How to set your Wi-Fi router password

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