How to check the balance of the Caixa PIS 2018 by mobile phone

Checking Caixa's PIS 2018 is an easy task for the mobile phone. The CLabs application See PIS 2018 allows you to check the balance and availability of your salary bonus without resorting to the bank's website. Now that benefit draw is available to workers of all ages, many are in doubt whether they are entitled to the amount and from when they can receive it. Fortunately, just a brief query to the app to find out.

The software is available for free for Android and iPhone (iOS). The following tutorial procedure was performed on the Google system, but is similar on Apple mobile phones. It should be noted that the app contains video ads that take your smartphone screen for a few moments.

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Registering your electronic password

Before using the Mobis PIS Consultation, the worker must access the Caixa website and set an electronic password for his NIS. Once created, this password will be used for any online access to your PIS / Pasep registration, including in the CLabs application.

Step 1. On your mobile phone or computer, go to the PIS / Pasep website ( // ) and enter your NIS in the indicated field. Then click "Register Password".


Step 2. On the screen that opens then navigate to the bottom of the page and click "I Accept." This will indicate that you have read the service agreement of the site and that you agree to its terms.

To continue, you must accept the service agreement

Step 3. Finally, to register your electronic password, enter the password of your Citizen Card in the indicated field. Just below, set and confirm your electronic password.

Enter the password for your Worker Card, and then set your electronic password

Step 4. If necessary, check the " I'm not a Robot " captcha, and then touch "Confirm" to finish the registration of the password.

Your electronic password has already been registered.

Balance inquiry by application

Now that the electronic password for your account has finally been created, you can use it to access any online service with information about your PIS / Pasep.

Step 1. Run the CLabs Query PIS 2018 on your mobile phone and tap "Ask PIS Balance". Enter your PIS / NIT number and the password you just created in the fields indicated. Then touch "Browse".

App for Android and iPhone allows you to consult PIS balance

Step 2. On the next screen, the application will show your data and the benefit amount available to you.

Application Queries Information in the Cashier System

Step 3. Returning to the app's home screen, you can have an estimate of when the PIS / Pasep service will be available to you. To do this, tap Calendar.

CLabs See PIS 2018 has payment schedule

Step 4. Tap "Choose a month" and choose your month of birth. Soon after, the application will indicate when those born on that date can take the benefit.

Check out the PIS payment schedule

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