How to Disable Remote Administration on the Router

Remote management of the routers allows you to access the settings of a device from a distance, without being connected directly to the network. The function is useful for receiving technical support or just changing the Wi-Fi password even far from home. However, the option is more suitable for advanced users, since it opens the way for third-party access.

Disabling remote administration is one of the measures to combat VPNFilter, a malware discovered in early June 2018 that can steal user passwords and has reached more than 700, 000 routers worldwide. Check out the following step-by-step how to turn the feature off on the router's panel.

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Step 1. You need to know the IP of the router to access the panel. The address is typically,, among other variations, but you can find out with the ipconfig command on your computer or by checking your phone's Wi-Fi settings;

Discover the IP of the router

Step 2. Access the router with login and password. The information varies by model or ISP. By default, the login tends to be "admin" or be blank. Already the password can take the form of one of the following options: "admin", "password", "1234", the last digits of the router ID according to the label on the device, or empty (blank). Test the combinations to enter;

Access the router with login and password

Step 3. Look for the option "remote management", "remote administration" or "remote configuration". The option is usually located in the "Advanced" menu on the panel. There may be variations between these terms. In a Thomson router, for example, the function is called "Remote Config Management". Make sure the feature is disabled;

Disable remote management

Step 4. To finish, apply the change by clicking "Save" or "Apply", possibly in the page footer. From there, the router will not allow connections to the panel unless the user is within range of the Wi-Fi or connected via cable directly to the device. The measure eliminates the convenience of remote administration, but instead makes the router safer.

Save the change

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