How to draw print on Galaxy A8 (2018)

It is possible to print in the Galaxy A8 (2018) and the Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) with a very simple command. That way, you can show WhatsApp conversations, progress in games, or even funny tweets to your friends. In addition, the phone features the Samsung Experience interface, which brings interesting features to edit and cut prints without needing third-party apps.

The following tutorial shows you how to take prints on the Samsung smartphone. The step by step was carried out in a Galaxy A8 (2018) with Android O but also serves the Galaxy A8 Plus (2018).

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Galaxy A8: step by step shows how to take print on Samsung mobile

Step 1. On the side, locate the Volume Down and On / Off buttons.

Locate the side buttons of the Galaxy A8 (2018)

Step 2. Press both buttons at the same time until the phone vibrates.

Press the buttons on the Galaxy A8 (2018) at the same time to take print

Step 3. The print is automatically saved to your smartphone's memory. You can also use the options at the bottom of the screen to draw, crop, and share screenshots on social networks, email, and more.

Use the options below to share or edit the Galaxy A8 (2018) print

Step 4. Print will also generate a notification. In it, you can share, edit, delete, or open the image in your phone's galley.

A notification is generated after you print on the Galaxy A8 (2018)

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