How to get all the souvenirs from Life is Strange 2 - EP.1

Life is Strange 2 brings a list of collectible items that are the key to unlocking the achievements and trophies of the game. Instead of photos and graffiti, the new protagonists Sean and Daniel must pick up souvenirs to mark the memories of their trip. Here's how to find the six objects of the Roads episode, available for PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One.

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Collection Mode

The new chapter in the series features a "Collection Mode" identical to Life is Strange and its prologue Before the Storm. In this mode, only collectibles are saved without changing any of your decisions.

Use Collection Mode to pick up the missing souvenirs without changing the save from Life is Strange 2

1. Fish bait

The first souvenir is in the chapter "Paths of the forest", near the river where Sean and Daniel decide to camp. Head to the lakeshore and walk to the left until you find a tree. Watch the leaves to open an interaction with Daniel and take the fishing lure.

The first collectible of Life is Strange 2 is a fish bait

2. Bird feather

There are three souvenirs in the "Bears' Post" chapter. One of them is at the back of the gas station. Head to the left of the entrance door and turn around past the wooden bears. To the direct, beside a Halloween pumpkin, Sean will see a box of cookies on the floor. Remove the box to release the bird and gain a feather pendant.

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of the bears "in Life is Strange 2, free the bird from the box to gain a feather

3. Adhesive

The next two souvenirs are inside the convenience store at the gas station. Enter through the door and turn right. On the countertop, near the leaflets and the fire extinguisher, get one of the free stickers.

I got the free sticker to complete the list of souvenirs in Life is Strange 2

4. Bear Keychain

In the box, show the keychains to Daniel to get one for free.

Use the interaction with Daniel to win a bear keyring in Life is Strange

5. Pendant Necklace

The penultimate souvenir is in the chapter "Sand Castle". After the first scene, look down to find a twig. Use it to play with the dog and the animal will bring a shark tooth pendant.

Use the stick to get the penultimate collectible Life is Strange 2

6. Hotel Card

In the "#Quartview" chapter, open the cabinet and take the card on the shelf to the right. This is the last souvenir of Life is Strange 2: Roads.

The hotel card is the last souvenir of Life is Strange 2: Roads

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