How to load JBL sound box? See battery tips for longer

JBL has several Bluetooth speakers on sale in the Brazilian market, which are successful due to their cost-effectiveness and interesting technical specifications. One of the most important specifications in this type of product is battery life, especially in models that work wirelessly. To take full advantage of the component, there are some precautions that may help.

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Thinking about it, TechTudo has put together several tips to optimize the charging of the brand's speakers. The information takes frequent questions and teaches you how to operate the JBL battery packs for longer and recharge faster.

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What is the average time for the load to be complete? And how long does the battery last?

JBL Go, the brand's most basic sound box, takes 1h30 to fully charge. When the battery is full, it lasts up to 5 hours of direct music playback. The battery of the Flip 4, intermediate model, takes 3h30 to reach 100%, considering that it is no load, and works for up to 12 hours after being full.

Among the models sold in Brazil, the largest capacity is that of Boombox, which can play for up to 24 hours - for this, it needs to be charged for 6:30. The JBL Charge 3 has similar autonomy, delivering up to 20 hours of music and recharge time of approximately 4h30.

Does high volume consume more battery?

Yes. Not only does the volume interfere with the consumption, but the type of beat as well. Music with a lot of bass, which causes the speaker to tremble constantly, consume more energy.

How to know the battery level of the box?

Each model features a battery level indicator type. In the JBL Go, for example, the LED on the front of the box will turn red and blink when the battery is low.

Robust versions such as Pulse 3, Flip 3, Charge and Boombox come with a sequence of five LEDs that show the load percentage. Each light corresponds to 20% of energy; everything lit means full charge, while everything off means battery at the end.

Battery level indication on the JBL Flip 3 sound box

Does the first charge have to be larger?

No. JBL uses lithium-ion polymer batteries, which do not require a larger initial charge or any preparation to be used. Connecting the sound box for the first time is the same as all the others: it is enough that the battery is charged.

Is it better to let the battery drain completely to charge it?

No, on the contrary. Lithium-ion batteries become unstable when their charge comes close to zero, causing great wear on the component. The ideal is to keep equipment with this type of battery with a load higher than 50% or at least not let them stay below 30%.

In the perfect scenario, it would also be interesting not to let the battery reach 100% because the high voltage stresses the component of that type and reduces its life. This measure, however, will shorten the playing time of music in your speaker box and therefore is not exactly accurate.

Is it better to load the speakerphone on or off?

The ideal is to recharge with the box turned off. This is because the full load detection system can suffer interference, leading to battery overload and even causing mini-cycles. Even if this does not happen, charging with the connected device will inevitably take longer than with the connected device.

Battery takes longer to load if the sound box is running

Using a charger from another device, such as a cell phone, does it damage?

Do not spoil it. Some JBL box models even come with a plug adapter, with only the USB cable. That is: the manufacturer itself admits that you will use a charger from another device.

What is very important is that you use an original and properly certified accessory. Chargers of dubious origin present real risks, as they may not identify when the battery reaches the maximum charge. If this happens, the component receives an excessive voltage that can even cause explosions and short circuits.

Is loading on your computer bad?

No. The computer's USB ports provide power to connected devices, something that works safely. That way, the connection is not bad, despite its limitations.

Loading JBL's sound box into the computer is slower than the wall outlet

One of these is time-consuming: USB 1.0 and 2.0 standards offer 500mA current, while 3.0 has 900mA capacity. These values ​​are lower than those provided by the outlet, for example, which means less current involved. Soon, the box battery will take longer to reach 100% compared to plugging the device into the power outlet.

Another issue is that your computer may be overloaded if you connect multiple devices. So if you are going to charge the JBL sound system on the laptop, do not plug the phone into another USB port.

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