How to protect Organizze with password and biometrics

Organize for Android allows you to lock the app with password or fingerprint of the user. The feature is useful to avoid exposing the financial information to curious people who eventually have access to the cell phone. With protection enabled, the program only opens if the PIN or biometrics are entered correctly.

The measure keeps the receipts and expenses manually added, as well as the bank statement and cards that may have been synchronized. Here's how to enable the function in the next step.

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Step 1. Access the Organize main menu and tap Settings.

Access Organizze settings on your phone

Step 2. In the "Security" menu, select the "Password lock" option to enable code protection.

Enable lock PIN

Step 3. If you have selected the password mode, set a numeric lock sequence and repeat the combination on the next screen.

Enter the lock code twice

Step 4. While activating the biometric protection, simply touch the digital sensor of the device to activate the lock. Digital security works with any finger registered on the phone.

Enable Organze lock with fingerprint

From there the Organze will only open with the code or the user's fingerprint. In case of forgetting the code, you need to reinstall the app to log back into the account and then have access to the data again.

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