How to put music in videos online without downloading programs

Hippo Video is a free online video editing platform, which allows you to add songs in MP3 or WAV format as soundtracks in videos. The tip is ideal for improving the quality of scenes in home videos made for sharing on YouTube, social networks and messengers. The platform allows you to cut audio, level volumes and define at what point in the movie the soundtrack will begin and end in the scenes.

After editing in Hippo Video, simply download the video on your computer in MP4. To use the free tools on the site, you need to register quickly using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft or LinkedIn accounts. In the free version, files imported from the computer must be at most 500 MB, up to one hour in duration, and maximum resolution of 720p (HD). Here's how to put music on video online, without installing programs.

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Hippo Video allows you to edit videos online without including watermark in the final result

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Step 1. Access the service website ( and press the "Sign Up For Free" button;

Action to check the Hippo Video service login options

Step 2. Use an account from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to access the editing platform;

Action to log in to the Hippo Video online service

Step 3. Press the "Import Video" button for the options to import video files into Hippo Video;

Action to open the file explorer to choose a video to edit in the online seriço Hippo Video

Step 4. The site allows you to use Google Drive files or, as in this example, fetch the video from your computer. In the "Import From Local" option, select the "Browse" link to open the file explorer;

Action to open by Hippo Video the computer file explorer

Step 5. Choose the video you want to add soundtrack to and press the "Open" button;

Action to upload a video from computer to online service Hippo Video

Step 6. If you want to describe the video, use the character screens to define the characteristics of the scenes. Then check "Import" for the file to open on the site;

Action to import the video to the site editing platform Hippo Video

Step 7. Select the "edit video" option and then "Pro Edit" to open the site's professional editing platform;

Action to start the screen of professional editing of videos in the online service Hippo Video

Step 8. The video will load in a few moments. Then press the "Import" option;

Action to start importing new files into a video editing project of the Hippo Video online service

Step 9. Use the file explorer to select the song on your PC. To proceed, select "Open";

Action to import a song into the video editing platform of the Hippo Video online service

Step 10. Check the song icon and drag to the "Track 2" area in the timeline of platform edits. This action merges music with video into a new audio channel;

Action to insert a song on the online service editing platform Hippo Video

Step 11. The blue chart represents the added music. Select it, and then click the scissors icon to cut leftover between the end of the audio track and the end of the video.

In addition, the option also lets you trim any area of ​​the song so that conversations and sounds captured by the video are highlighted in the scenes. Track the entire editing process by previewing the video in the center of the screen;

Action to cut snippets of a song inserted into a video with the Hippo Video online service

Step 12. Under "Clip Settings", set the volume of the song over the original audio of the video and the effects of fading and gradual beginning of the track with the fade modes;

Options for volume and effects of a song added to a video with the Hippo Video online service

Step 13. To save the edits, press the "Save" button in the upper bar of options of the screen;

Action to save edits to a video on the Hippo Video online service

Step 14. On the next screen, position the mouse button on the player and click the green arrow icon to download the finished video to your computer.

Action to download a video with soundtrack created in the online service Hippo Video

Ready. Use the hint to enhance your videos without having to use complex editing software.

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