Adding money to your Agibank account

Adding money to your Agibank account is one of the first steps to getting started with digital bank services. With a positive balance, the user can pay tickets and transfer amounts without using the pre-approved limit, for which interest is charged.

The app, which is available for Android and iPhone (iOS), offers two ways to put money into the current account: via bank transfer and issuing a ticket. The tutorial below explains how to perform both procedures on your smartphone.

Learn how to add money to your Agibank account

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Share bank details for transfer

Step 1. Open the Agibank app and enter your 4-digit password to sign in. On the Home screen, touch "Add Money." To send your data to bank transfer, tap the "Share" button in the "Transfer" section.

Adding money to Agibank account by bank transfer

Step 2. You will see the typical sharing window for your system - Android or iPhone (iOS). Choose the application by which you want to share the bank information and send it to the recipient, just like you do with photos or videos. The app message will contain all the data required for the transfer (your full name, CPF, bank code, agency and checking account).

Sending information for money transfer to account in Agibank

How to generate bank invoice in Agibank

Step 1. Another way to add money to the Agibank account is by ticket. To do so, go to the "Add money" screen, scroll down to the "Boleto bancário" section and touch "Generate ticket". Enter the amount you want to add and then press the "Generate Ticket" button.

Value setting to create boleto that adds money into Agibank account

Step 2. The numerical sequence for payment of the ticket will be displayed. You can tap "Copy code" so that the number goes to the clipboard and is pasted into another application, like the app from another bank. By tapping "Share" you can send the ticket through WhatsApp and other services.

Bank slip code to add money to Agibank's current account

Once the transfer or payment of the ticket is made, the balance will be added to your current Agibank account.

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