How to register a credit card at Glovo

Glovo is a food delivery application and other products. Unlike rival iFood, which accepts multiple forms of payment, Glovo's orders can only be paid in cash or by the app using your credit card. In this case, only the Visa and Mastercard flags are accepted. Food vouchers are not accepted.

In the following tutorial, learn how to register credit cards in the Glovo app. The procedure was performed on the Android app - on a Moto E4, with version 7.1.1 Nougat system - but the tips are also valid for iPhone users.

Learn how to register a credit card at Glovo

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Step 1. Open the Glovo app and tap on the icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. From the app menu, touch "Payment methods".

Access payment methods

Step 2. Now tap "Add credit card" and enter your card details.

Adding a credit card

Step 3. After filling in all the information, tap "Done" to save. If you want to insert another card, touch "Add credit card" again and repeat the procedure. At the time of payment you can select which card to use.

Enter your card details

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for setting up a payment method and placing orders with Glovo.

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