How to report a problem in Windows 10

Windows 10 receives a major update per semester - usually in the months of April and October. For this reason, new versions of the system are always being tested in Windows Insider. However, even if you do not participate in the program, if you encounter a problem, you can report it to the company. The feature is useful for reporting bugs so that Microsoft can fix them.

Check out the following tutorial on how to use the Comments Hub app to troubleshoot Windows 10. The procedure is performed through a native system program and is available to all users.

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Step 1. Open the Comments Hub app. You can find it in the list of applications in the Start menu or use the Cortana search.

Open the Windows 10 feedback application

Step 2. In the main program window, click on "Report a problem".

Open the Microsoft feedback app

Step 2. Now provide the information about the problem. Enter a summary of what is involved, and below, provide a detailed explanation of how the problem occurs. Then click "Next."

Please provide information about the problem

Step 3. Choose whether your feedback is about a problem or suggestion. Below, select the applicable categories and click "Next" again.

Choose the category in which the bug fits

Step 4. Provide details about the problem. You can attach a screenshot, file, or perform a screen recording to recreate the problem. Finally, click "Submit".

Attach details about the problem

Ready! Your feedback will be posted and made available to the entire Windows 10 user community, who may vote to support you and add comments. Microsoft says it prioritizes bugs with the most votes. In addition, the company's engineers can respond to your feedbacks and everything can be tracked by the Comments Hub application itself.

Example of Feedback Well Voted and with Response from Microsoft

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