Microsoft Teams wins free version; see how to use

Microsoft has launched a free mode of Teams, an online collaboration tool with web access and PC app. Previously restricted to Office 365 subscribers, the service was now released for everyone following the company's announcement last Thursday (12). The free version allows you to create unlimited conversations with teams of up to 300 people, save 10 GB of files per team and 2 GB per user.

Teams have integrated Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and Skype. You can also connect 140 other external apps, such as Evernote and Trello, to add features for free. Here's how to access and use the teamwork platform from the computer.

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Microsoft Teams offers Office suite applications for workgroups

How to access and invite colleagues

Step 1. Access the address in the browser and log in with a Microsoft account. If you use Windows 10, your account then has the same email address and password to access the computer. Microsoft Teams works both on the web and as a PC application. Choose one of the options to start using;

Access Microsoft Teams on the web or desktop

Step 2. Choose a name to use in Teams and add a profile photo;

Choose a name and add photo

Step 3. Add emails from colleagues with whom you want to collaborate as a team. To notify them, select the "send invitations" option after setting your email list.

Invite colleagues to collaborate

Talking and creating channels

Step 1. When entering the Teams, a main channel with the name "General" is created automatically. The three dot icon gives access to the menu, where there is a list of options. Among them, select "Add channel" to create a chat for a specific project;

Create new channels

Step 2. Use the General chat to talk to all channel members at the same time. The tool allows you to create formatted text and supports attachments, emojis, GIFs, and stickers. These features can be accessed in the lower bar below the text box;

Use the chat to talk to the team

Step 3. Click the camera to start a group video call. The feature is available only in the desktop program and Microsoft Edge. In other browsers, such as Chrome, integrated Skype lets you make voice calls only.

Teams have integrated Skype

Creating and sharing files

Step 1. Access the "Files" tab to upload or create an online document using Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online;

Add or create files

Step 2. Channels (with the exception of General) also have a "Wiki" tab for creating collaborative content with a simplified structure.

Edit collaborative documents in Wiki style


Step 1. Like Slack, Microsoft Teams has a number of external app integrations. Click the "plus" sign on a channel to open the apps grid;

Add apps to a channel

Step 2. Select an app to join Teams. Use services like Evernote, for example, to add annotations to the team directory.

Microsoft Teams has more than 140 integrations

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