WhatsApp Beta: How to mark a message as read by notifications

WhatsApp Beta for Android brings a new way of marking messages as read without having to open the application. When you receive a notification, users of the trial version of the messenger can tap a button that excludes the notification while deleting the warning of unread content from the chat list. The novelty is not yet available for iPhone (iOS) nor in the stable version for Android.

The function is based on a feature of the system, and was already present in a similar way in other apps, such as rival Telegram. When the feature is triggered, the user does not go online, but sends the read confirmation if double blue check is enabled. The button came up in WhatsApp Beta 2.18.232, tested by TechTudo on a Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo. See how it works.

WhatsApp Beta allows you to mark messages as read by notification

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Step 1. In addition to being a WhatsApp Beta user, you need to update the application to have the new role. To check, open the settings and tap "Help".

Access WhatsApp Beta information

Step 2. Under "App data", see if application version 2.18.232 or later is installed.

Make sure your app is up to date

Step 3. Once upgraded, WhatsApp Beta will begin to display a new "Mark As Read" button in new message notifications. The button appears both in the pop-up alert that appears on the screen and in the notification area.

New button allows to mark messages as read without opening WhatsApp

Step 4. At the touch of the button, notification immediately goes off. The sender can not see that you went online, but you get double blue visas if the read confirmation function is enabled - learn how to disable.

When you mark as read, the contact receives read confirmation if the feature is enabled in the app

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