'Ask a question': Instagram Stories wins new sticker; see how to use

Instagram launched a new "Ask a question" sticker on Tuesday (10) that allows you to create a question and answer section with followers in Stories. When capturing a photo or video and opening the app's sticker picker on Android or iPhone (iOS), the user can tap the new "Questions" item to create an open field for others to ask what they want. Comments are grouped in the history view list and can be answered in a new post.

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This is the third sticker option in Instagram geared toward user interaction with its followers based on questions. Previously, the app had released the emoji slider bar and poll function. Here's how to use the new social network question and answer feature.

Instagram Stories: How to Use the "Ask Your Question"

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Step 1. Update Instagram on Android or iPhone (iOS) to version 52 or higher. Then capture an image or video in Stories and open the sticker tray to see the new "Questions" option.

Select the new question sticker

Step 2. The sticker includes a standard title and an open field for followers to ask questions freely. Edit the title to give the tone of the questions to be accepted. Then modify the colors of the object before publishing.

Edit the sticker and post it to ask questions

Step 3. Followers can touch the sticker to ask questions. There is no limit on questions per user. To resubmit, just visit the story again and repeat the process.

Followers can ask any questions directly through the story

Step 4. The list of questions you received is at the top of the list of views. Tap to open a menu with three options: delete, send message (respond via Direct) and share reply.

Access the list of views to answer questions

Step 5. In the "Share response" option, Instagram creates an automated post containing the question. Move the object and use the app's text tools to respond in the story.

Use Instagram Stories tools to respond and share

Step 6. In posting the response, followers will view the content as a common story without permission to interact. Shared responses do not display photo or name of who asked the question.

Share the answer as a common story

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