How to use the Xbox Game Pass app to download games

The Xbox Game Pass is an Xbox One subscription service, which allows players to access more than 100 titles on the Microsoft console by paying a fixed monthly fee. In addition to the constantly updated catalog, the Game Pass also won an Android and iOS mobile app, where players can check out the games list and even remotely download to the console.

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Step 1. To download the app on Android, go to Google Play and search for the Xbox Game Pass. Click the green "Install" button and wait for the transfer;

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Step 2. On iOS, you need to sign up for a closed beta. Sign up for the closed beta to download the app.

On iOS, you need to sign up for the beta of the Xbox Game Pass app

Step 3. When opening the app for the first time, you will need to log in with your Xbox One account. Go to the "Your Games" tab, click "Enter" and enter the data to enter and proceed;


Step 4. In the "Home" tab, you can navigate through the entire Game Pass game catalog, which is divided by releases, popularity and other filters;

Browse Xbox Game Pass Game Options

Step 5. It is still possible to select games of specific genres using the categories, located at the bottom of that same flap;

Use the Game Pass categories to find games of your interest on Xbox One

Step 6. Click on one of the games to check a summary with more information about it. You can still start downloading the game directly on your Xbox One. Note that for this the console needs to be in the quick start mode, which allows it to receive commands remotely;

Click Install to download the game directly on your Xbox One

Step 7. Go to "Your Games" to check the list of games that have been saved among your favorites. This way it will be easier to separate titles of your interest to download on your Xbox One;


Step 8. Finally, you can search for games manually by entering your name or characteristics with the keyboard of your smartphone.

Use the search bar to find titles in the Game Pass

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