4G off and spending credits on the iPhone: know what to do

Cell phone owners with access to 4G, prepaid plan and daily charge can have discounted credits even without using the internet. This is due to an inherent feature of the technology, which uses the data network to transmit information with the operator. The recommendation of companies is to disable 4G connectivity to avoid unnecessary charges and activate only when you want to use the Internet.

In the next step, learn how to disable and reactivate iPhone 4G to avoid spending credits. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8 with iOS 12, but the tips are also valid for other models of the Apple phone.

Learn how to disable iPhone 4G to avoid charges for using data

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Step 1. Go to the "Settings" of the iPhone and touch "Mobile". Then open "Mobile Data Options".

Access data settings

Step 2. Touch "Enable 4G" and then check "Inactive". In this way, the data will be transmitted over the 3G network.

Disabling the iPhone 4G Network

Step 3. Afterwards, when you want to use the Internet, activate the 4G again in "Cell Data Options" by selecting the "Voice and Data" option. When switching off the internet, be sure to turn off 4G to avoid charging the next day as well.

Reactivating connectivity over the 4G network

With these tips, you can avoid unnecessary charges on days when you do not need to connect to the Internet on your iPhone.