How to register fingerprints on Xiaomi's mobile phone

Most Xiaomi phones feature a built-in biometric reader. This feature is useful for increasing device security and preventing unauthorized people from accessing your smartphone. Chinese-made phones allow you to register up to five different digital ones, which can also be used to authorize purchases and block applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Although it is a relatively simple function to perform, the procedure may confuse inexperienced users or have never had a branded phone. To help you, TechTudo has prepared a tutorial on how to use the biometrics feature correctly. The step by step was done in Redmi Note 4, but is the same for other models of the company.

See how to register fingerprints on Xiaomi's smartphone

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Step 1. Open your phone's settings and scroll down to the "SYSTEM & DEVICE" section. Touch the "Screen lock & passwords" option.

Access the function indicated to register the digital

Step 2. Tap "Manage fingerprints, " and then scroll to "Add digital print".

Enter the digital management section of the Xiaomi mobile phone

Step 3. Press your finger repeatedly and in different positions on the biometric reader of your Xiaomi smartphone. As you touch the sensor, a digital symbol will be filled on the screen. Repeat the gesture until the fingerprint is registered.

Touch the sensor of the Xiaomi cell phone to register your digital

Step 4. Finally, enter a name for the digital one you just registered and tap the "Done" button. An interesting tip for organizing fingerprints is to use the finger's own name. For example, if you registered your right hand index finger, use something around the "Right Indicator" or "Left Hand Indicator" for the other hand.

Enter a name to organize the digital

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