How to connect your phone to LG TV via USB

Some smart TVs from LG allow you to connect your phone via USB to view photos and videos of the device directly on the big screen. Although only the most sophisticated models do this without the help of wires, the more traditional method is usually effective even in the cheaper models of the brand, since only uses a USB cable and a compatible Android phone.

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In the following tutorial, learn how to connect your LG TV to your phone via USB cable. Although the step-by-step has been performed on the 32LJ600B model, the procedure is also valid for other televisions of the manufacturer.

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Step 1. Using a USB cable, connect your smartphone to the LG smart TV. For this step, we also recommend that you use the first (or main) USB port of the TV - since in some models not all functions are supported by the other ports;

When connecting the USB cable, give preference to the main TV port

Step 2. After connecting the device to the TV, go to your mobile and access its notification bar. If the device recognizes the TV correctly, the "USB charging this device" notification will be displayed, and you must touch it to continue;

loading this device "

Step 3. Finally, in the window that opens next, check the option "Transfer photos (PTP)". Immediately after this step, the TV should recognize the smartphone as a pen drive;

photos (PTP) "

Step 4. Back to the TV, note that now a window asks whether or not you want to access the files on the device. To confirm your intention, select the "Yes" option with the "OK" button on the remote control;

Step 5. Once in the TV file manager, use the control's scroll keys to navigate to the "Photos" tab. Then press the "OK" button on the remote control once again to view the files;

Step 6. In a few seconds, the TV will display a complete list of the images saved in the "DCIM" and "Pictures" folders on your smartphone. Note that because of a limitation of the system itself, photos saved in other folders, such as WhatsApp, can not be accessed by the TV;

Then all images accessible on the device will be displayed on a grid

Step 7. To view a full screen image, navigate to it with the directional arrows on the control and press "OK";

Step 8. Then, to return to the image grid, press the "Return" key. To exit completely from the file manager and disconnect your smartphone, you must touch the "Exit"

Ready! Now you know how to connect your smartphone to a LG Smart TV! Take the hint to show the pictures and videos of the device directly on the TV.

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