Check out the stronger Pokémon in Pokémon GO and how to strengthen them more

Pokémon GO, Augmented Reality game for Android and iOS, allows you to capture and train Pokémon for fighting, which are performed in gyms. It is also possible to strengthen your creatures by spending Star Powder, which is a rare and difficult to obtain material. Because of this, it is recommended to strengthen only the strongest, or worthwhile in this regard. Below you will find out how to do this and what are the main tips to follow:

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How to Strengthen Your Pokémon

The process is simple.

Step 1. Open GO Pokémon;

Step 2. Go touch the Pokéball that is in the center of the screen;

Touch the Poké Ball in the center of the screen in Pokémon GO

Step 3. Touch "Pokémon";

Step 4. Choose the Pokémon you want to strengthen - in this example we will use Raikou;

Choose the Pokémon that you want to strengthen in GO Pokémon

Step 5. Touch "Strengthen";

Step 6. Confirm the action in "Yes";

Confirm Strengthening in GO Pokémon

The Combat Points and Life of the Pokémon will increase next.

Pokémon life and combat life will increase.

The process can be repeated several times as long as you have Candy and Star Dust.

Which are the strongest?

Sweets are easy to get, but Star Dust is a really rare material to get. Because of this, invest only in those worthy Pokémon that are currently considered the strongest in the game.

The legendary Pokémon are the strongest monsters of Pokémon GO

The strongest in 2018 are: Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, Tyranitar and Raikou. The information, released by the producer Niantic, takes into account the maximum point of combat of each one and also its advantages and weaknesses. If you have any of these, invest without fear.

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