Christmas Shopping: How to organize gift prices with your mobile phone

Microsoft Excel can help you organize your Christmas gift list and keep track of year-end expenses for your mobile. With ready-made spreadsheet templates, the app makes it easy to manage purchases by allowing users to add personal information and providing automatic sums of the values ​​described for each product. In this way, each time the document is filled with information the indication of total expenditure is also updated.

To learn how to use Excel to manage and track your spending on gifts for family and friend hidden, follow the walkthrough of this tutorial. The procedure is the same for iPhone (iOS) and for Android smartphones.

Tutorial shows how to track Christmas spending on mobile using Microsoft Excel

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Step 1. Open Excel in the "New" tab and choose the "Gift Planner" template template. Then use the tweezer movement with your fingers to enlarge the details of the document.

Option to open and edit a worksheet to manage Christmas gifts in Excel

Step 2. In the "Who" bar, tap "Name" and type in who the gift will be. Then do the same procedure in "What".

Action to edit the spreadsheet template with personal data

Step 3. Under "How much, " enter the value of the product. Repeat the above steps with various gift data to organize them and know the total expense. To continue, remember to tap the visa icon and then the three-dot icon on a page in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Action to view options for a Christmas gift spreadsheet in Excel

Step 4. The worksheet is saved automatically. However, you can choose the "Send a Copy" option to share the document by email or other applications (including social networks and messengers).

Option to send a copy of Excel spreadsheet by mobile phone

Take the hint to ensure your spending on Christmas shopping is tracked.

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