CS: GO: see the skins of the Battle Royale Danger Zone and how to get them

Counter-Strike: Global Ofensive, CS: GO, is an online game available for download on PC via Steam. With the update CS: GO Danger Zone 17 new skins have been revealed in the official blog and Valve Twitter, and they can be obtained by both novices and veterans who already have the Loyalty Badge. See in our tutorial how to get the new skins using the Danger Zone Case.

CS: GO wins Danger Zone, Battle Royale mode, and gets steam free

The 17 unpublished weapons

On December 6, 2018 Valve released a new collection of weapons with exclusive visuals, all created by members of the community. Unfortunately its acquisition is totally dependent on luck, and it is necessary to open the new boxes, called Danger Zone Case. Check out the complete list of weapons to follow, in progressive order of rarity, from the most common to the rarest:

CS: Go has won 17 new weapons skins in the Danger Zone Cases

MP9 Modest Threat
Glock-18 Oxide Blaze
New Wood Fired
M4A4 Magnesium
Short Sand Black Sand
SG 553 Danger Close
Tec-9 Fubar
G3SG1 Scavenger
Galil AR Signal
MAC-10 Pipe Down
Nevermore P250
USP-S Flashback
UMP-45 Momentum
Desert Eagle Mecha Industries
MP5-SD Phosphor
AK-47 Asiimov
AWP Neo-Noir

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Boxes by the Community Market

Players who do not bother to spend real money to get items in CS: GO can use the Community Market tool on Steam. Just click on this link to go directly to the Danger Zone Cases announcement page.

CS: Go: The Danger Zone Case can be bought in the steam community market

The value and quantity of the items is fluctuating and varies every minute but, at the date of publication of this text, the server had more than 3300 boxes on offer, with an average value of R $ 11.40 per box. There are always many boxes on sale, so this method is fast but very costly.

Boxes obtained in the game

Danger Zone Cases can also be obtained free of charge by playing CS: Go and progressing naturally in the game by leveling up and winning matches. To accumulate XP you just have to try to stay alive to the maximum in matches, kill your enemies and get enough loot in the environment.

CS: Go: Only Prime players can pick up the skin MP5-SD Lab Rats

Boxes can be obtained in any game mode, not just in the new Battle Royale mode, so do not worry about just playing it. It is worth remembering that the skin MP5-SD differs from the others because it is the only exclusive of players that have Prime status.

To become Prime in CS: Go you need to reach level 21 in rank by adding XP points in the game. Alternatively, it is also possible to purchase Prime status directly from the Steam store through this link for $ 58.99.

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