Eight tricks to edit free photos in Photoshop Express for PC

Photoshop Express is a computer photo editor created by Adobe to make the most beautiful images quickly. The program makes simple changes, such as applying filters, making color adjustments and correcting lighting details, inserting effects, frames and cropping photos.

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With the tool, the user can make edits to files sent from computer memory or captured on time with the webcam. Check out the following list of eight simple and useful tricks for editing photos with Photoshop Express for PC.

Photoshop Express for PC allows you to edit photos quickly

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1. Apply filters

Photoshop Express has several photo filters

In the "Visuals" tab, you can apply multiple ready-made filters to your photos, such as "Charming", "Black and White" and "Portrait". Each item opens a catalog with effects that make the photos more beautiful and stylish. When selecting an option, the user can adjust the intensity of the filter to make it lighter or more intense. To use, simply click on the desired filter and drag the ruler to reach the desired level.

2. Photo grainy

Photo with grainy effect, famous in Instagram, can be made in Photoshop Express

Grainy photos are making success on Instagram. To apply the effect in Photoshop Express, go to the "Fixes" tab, then go to "Effects". Then select the "Granularity" option and adjust the ruler until you reach the desired granulation level.

3. Correct light

Photoshop Express has photo illumination settings

The "Fixes" tab allows the user to make adjustments to the lighting of the photos. Options are divided into Light, Color, Effects, and Details, but opening items allows you to change contrast, exposure, highlights, saturation, vibration, sharpness, and shadows. Similarly, simply increase or decrease the level of the ruler to adjust as you wish.

4. Double Tone Photo

Effect leaves color photo in Photoshop Express

This effect applies an intense tone to the photo, in the "pop-art" style. You can enter colors such as green, blue, yellow, and orange. To activate, go to the option "Visuals" and then "Dual tone". Then just select the desired color.

5. Remove stains

Photoshop Express removes skin blemishes and imperfections in photos

The Spot Removal tool eliminates skin imperfections in photos. To use, simply select the size of the brush and click on the areas that will be corrected. Small stains will be removed, leaving the skin more even. Care must be taken not to exaggerate and to remove traces of facial expressions.

6. Mirroring

Photoshop Express Feature Leaves Photo Mirrored

Photoshop Express has a simple feature that is much sought after in the editing programs: mirror photos. You can mirror the image horizontally or vertically, and still rotate in all directions. To configure, go to the "Cut" tab.

7. Reduce noise

Removing photo noise with Photoshop Express

This option will reduce possible noise in the image, leaving the photo less grainy and smoother. In photos of people and selfies, care must be taken not to exaggerate and give a "wax skin" effect. To apply the effect, go to "Corrections" and then "Reduce lighting noise".

8. Apply frames

Photoshop Express has a catalog with several frames

The "Borders" tab has frames to apply to the photos. There are simple options such as vignettes and sidebars; stylized edges with elements that are colorful, abstract and reminiscent of movies; as well as classic photo frames, such as wooden borders of various colors. To select, just click on the desired option.

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