FIFA 19: How to use the new Calibrated Finish

FIFA 19 has one of its great innovations the Calibrated Finish system, which works more or less like the pitches in the NBA 2K19 and NBA Live 19 basketball games. The goal is to hit the exact time of the kick, to create more powerful finishes and accurate Have not understood the news yet? Check out the complete guide on how to use it.

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Calibrated Finishing is an optional tool, which means that traditional kicking methods are still available in EA Sports's new soccer game, which arrives on September 28 for PC (via Origin), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Step 1. To use the new kick type, make sure that the function is enabled in the FIFA 19 controls setup screen;

Enable Finished Calibration in FIFA 19

Step 2. The FIFA Coach, an interface that shows a directional front of the players, is also especially useful for a better understanding of Calibrated Finalizations. Mark the function as "Show" until you get used to the mechanics;

Use the FIFA 19 coach to get accustomed to the new mechanics

Step 3. To use the Calibrated Finalizations, you must press the kick button, and then press it again as soon as the player's foot comes into contact with the ball. The exact moment of pressing the button a second time may be facilitated by the bar shown above the player's head;

Press the kick button twice to use the FIFA Calibrated Finish 19

Step 4. If you hit the green area of ​​the bar, your finalization will come out quite strong and more accurately, as if the player hit the ball in full. This function is especially useful for kicks from outside the area, or with little angle, as it can greatly increase the chances of scoring a goal;

Hit the green area of ​​the bar to shoot a more powerful and accurate kick in FIFA 19

Step 5. The biggest challenge of the new mechanics is getting used to the timing of the kicks. If you press the button a second time very quickly, you can hit the red and yellow parts of the bar, which will result in a chewing kick, weaker and less precise than normal;

If you anticipate too much, the bar will turn red or yellow, and the kick will not be precise in FIFA 19

Step 6. Another possibility is to take a long time to hit the kick button a second time. In this way, the bar will turn gray, and the Calibrated Finish will be canceled. It is common to see this happen when the player triggers the function accidentally;

If you take too long the kick bar will turn gray in FIFA 19

Step 7. Just like in real football, players have different characteristics in FIFA 19, which directly affects the performance of their Calibrated Finish. That means attackers like Ibrahimovic, Suarez and Lewandowski will be more likely to hit kicks than defenders or midfielders.

A good idea is to know the attributes of your players, to know which of them have the best quality to perform this type of kick, maximizing your conversion rate. Keep an eye on the numbers of finals, kick from far and kick strength.

Know the attributes of your players to improve your chances in FIFA 19

Step 8. Once you have become accustomed to the Calibrated Finish timing, go to the control settings and turn off the FIFA Coach. From now on you will know if you have hit or missed the accuracy of your kicks by a small colored outline on your player's forefinger that will appear during a kick.

Turn off the coach of FIFA 19 when you get used to it, and see the answers through the gauge of your player

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