FIFA 19: learn how to play the new competitive mode Division Rivals

FIFA 19 features the new Division Rivals competitive mode, where players compete against players of the same skill range and climb ranks to receive coin prizes, packs of cards and qualify for the Weekend League, a championship that takes place every weekend of week. Check out the guide and learn how to play.

FIFA 19: how to play the new mode Alternative Rules

The game was released on September 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Click here to read the full analysis of the new football game, or tips to do well in Ultimate team mode .

Step 1. In the Ultimate Team menu, go to the Online tab and select the Division Rivals to play;

FIFA 19: learn how to play the new Division Rivals mode

Step 2. First of all you will have to play the placement matches, which will measure your performance in games against opponents of different levels. In total there are five matches;

Play Division Rivals placing matches at FIFA 19

Step 3. Depending on your results, you will be placed in one of the divisions of Rivals, and you will gain a skill rank;

His performance will secure a place in one of the divisions of FIFA 19

Step 4. From now on, you will be able to play as many matches as you wish against online opponents to accumulate points and climb up the ranks of Division Rivals;

Play online to score in the FIFA Division Rivals 19

Step 5. Winning or losing, you will receive points, and you will have your score compared to that of the entire game community. That means the numbers are always increasing, and you need to keep playing to maintain your position, or improve;

Go up the rankings to boost your rewards at FIFA 19

Step 6. Every Thursday the Division Rivals round will be closed, and players will be able to choose from the prizes reserved for users in their ranking;

Choose an award at the end of the round of the FIFA Division Rivals 19

Step 7. Among the options are negotiable and non-negotiable packages, great coin bonuses and even FUT Champions chips, which help you secure a place for the Weekend League.

You can collect coins, packages and tokens for the FIFA FUT Champions 19

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