Finding Restaurants with Google Maps Delivery

The Google Maps app lets you quickly discover restaurants, snack bars, bars and pizzerias with delivery service. This feature can be of interest to anyone who wants to save money: it is possible to contact the establishment directly and place the order over the phone, avoiding fees from intermediary apps - such as iFood, for example.

In the following tutorial, check out how to find restaurants with Google Maps app delivery option. The procedure was done in the iPhone app (iOS) version, but the tips are also good for Android phone users.

Learn to locate restaurants with the option of entering Google Maps

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Step 1. Open Google Maps and tap Explore. Then touch "More" and from the "Eat and drink" list, touch "Delivery."

Accessing list of establishments with food delivery

Step 2. Restaurants, bars, snack bars and pizzerias with delivery service will be listed. Tap on the establishment you want to place an order. Slide the screen up to see more details.

Viewing restaurant details

Step 3. In some cases, you can see the menu of the establishment by touching "Menu". To place the order over the phone, simply touch "Call" and confirm the call.

Viewing menu and calling

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for finding food delivery options on Google Maps from your phone.

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