Five tips for editing awesome photos in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows you to post 24-hour media. Although it fades fast, the user can leave his photos more interesting with the use of resources available in the social network itself. The application offers complete features to make the pictures "professional" touch before sharing with friends.

The new focus function lets you add a "blur" to the background of the photo to highlight selfies. In addition, the app provides filters, stickers and even fun masks in 3D. Check out the Instagram Stories tricks in the following tutorial.

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1. Selective focus

Instagram offers a new possibility to record photos with a special focus, highlighting the face in the self. The tool leaves the background "blurred", simulating lens effects from professional cameras. The resource is accessed by the categories at the bottom of the screen, below the capture button. In "Normal", the image appears with wide focus. Already when selecting the tool "Focus", dragging to the side, notice that the bottom will appear with "blur". Now, just register your selfie on Stories.

Turn on the Special Focus for more prominent selfies in Instagram Stories

2. Filters

Instagram also offers filters to customize the coloring of photos recorded in Stories. When taking a new image, simply drag the screen to the right and left to modify the filters. Note that each item has a name and contains its own colorations and characteristics. You can change the effects as many times as you want among the 11 different possibilities (available in the Android app).

Add color filters to your Instagram Stories photos

3. 3D masks

Augmented reality masks let you add dog ears, kittens, crowns and more custom effects. These 3D masks are applied in selfie before even registering the photo and even contains entertaining animations to record a video. To activate, click the button with a "face" in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then note that a flap will appear at the bottom of the display with a variety of 3D masking options. Just choose one of them and position the face in front of the camera to apply.

Use creative masks on Instagram Stories

4. Turn the flash on / off

Step 1. Is the lighting in the room poor? If your phone has a flash, the Stories camera allows you to turn this illumination on or off in a practical way. The "lightning" button in the lower left corner of the screen is responsible for this feature. If it is filled with white, the flash is on, as shown in the second image.

Leave the flash off (left) or on (right) in the Instagram Stories

5. Wear funny stickers

Have you taken your selfie off and want to customize it? Instagram has a wide variety of creative stickers. From there, you can find sunglasses, crowns, hats and more dozens of colorful items.

Step 1. To find the stickers, register the photo or open one already saved in the gallery in Stories. Then touch the "Stickers" button at the top right of the screen;

Access the stickers tab on Instagram Stories

Step 2. Drag the flap to the sides to find more items besides emojis and hashtags. Now just apply as many stickers as you like.

Add fun stickers to your Stories

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