Fortnite: How to Complete the Fish Trophy Challenge

Fortnite Battle Royale is available for free for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iPhone / iPad (iOS), and received its eighth week of challenges for Season 6. Among the missions is to dance in front of seven Trophies of Pisces, which are hidden by the vast map of the game. Check out the guide and complete it and know how to finish the task.

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One of the trophies is in the large metal shed, located right at the entrance to the Dusty Crater. Just walk up to the second floor and open one of the doors to face the fish on the wall.

One of the fish is in Dusty Fortnite Crater

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The fish trophy of the Salt Fountains is inside the house marked on the map, on the lower floor. After descending the stairs, go straight to find it next to a red sofa with white stripes.

The region of Fontes Salgadas hides one of the Fish Trophies of Fortnite

The easiest fish to find is Via do Varejo, in one of the buildings on the right side of the place. The giant-sized trophy is on the facade of one of the shops, where you stand alone and approach and use an emote.

Via do Varejo has giant fish in one of its buildings

Below the woodland, the Lonely Hut also has its own fish trophy, next to stuffed animal heads and a fireplace. The location is on the left side of the main entrance of the hut, and may confuse some players.

One of the fish is in Fortnite's Lonely Hut

Descend in the Matrix Mines and climb onto a small metal platform to find a fish trophy on your right wall. Pay attention to the exact location marked on the map (see photo) so you do not get confused and enter another location.

Find a fish in the Mines of Fortnite

In the Lamurioso Forest, go to the main clearing and break the floor made of green boards to access a laboratory. On one of the walls you can find three fish together, where you just use a dance emote to account for the visit.

Lamurioso Forest has several fish in one of its walls

Fortnite's last fish trophy stands in one of the central buildings of the Greasy Woods, just above a shelf of records and magazines. While dancing in this trophy, you will complete the Fortnite mission and receive your gold coins.

Fortnite's last fish is in the Fat Forest