Fortnite: How to play on PC with crossplay with Xbox One, PS4 and mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale has as one of its assets the possibility of playing on the PC against users of platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile. For this you need to add players on the Epic Games platform and send invitations. In order to join a group of friends to win in the game free to play? Check out the full guide to using Fortnite crossplay.

Fortnite: check out the minimum requirements, learn how to download and see game tips

Step 1. To play with users from other platforms, you need to add them as friends in your Epic list. To do this, click on the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Epic Friends";

Fortnite: How to play on PC with console and cell phone friends

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Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

Step 2. Click the middle icon to add a new friend to your list;

Click to add friends at Fortnite

Step 3. Enter your friend's username and click the "Add" button. Wait until he accepts your friend request;

Enter the username in Fortnite

Step 4. With the user already added, access the list of friends and click on the name;

Choose a friend to play at Fortnite

Step 5. Click "Invite to Group" to call a player for the match;

Invite a player to Fortnite

Step 6. If you receive an invitation, simply click on the notification on the left side of the screen;

Accept invitations at Fortnite

Step 7. It is possible to assemble teams of up to four friends. When you are ready to play, start a game;

Start the match at Fortnite

Step 8. Okay, now just gather your team and play the match at Fortnite;

Play with your group at Fortnite

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