Fortnite: learn how to find the puzzle pieces in the basements

Fortnite Battle Royale received the challenges of Week 10, the last of Season 5 of the Epic Games game, released for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Among the challenges is finding seven jigsaw pieces scattered in the basement. Have not you solved the mystery yet? Check out the complete guide with the location of the parts.

Fortnite: Check out the challenges of Week 10 and see how to complete them

Fortnite - check out the game's gameplay

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There is no correct order to collect the parts, which allows you to find them freely. It is not necessary to collect all the pieces in the same match, but you can find multiple pieces in one game to speed up the process. Remember that all items are in underground floors of houses.

Fortnite: learn how to find all jigsaw puzzle pieces in the basements

One of the pieces is positioned between the region of the Treacherous Coils and the City of Tomatoes, in an external basement. Just break your doors with your pick and go down the stairs to find one of the parties.

Find a piece between the Tremendous Coils and City of Tomatoes in Fortnite

The second of the seven pieces is in the Pleasant Park region, next to the stairs that you descended. This is a large house with the damaged roof at the bottom left of the site, and quite easy to find.

Piece of the puzzle can be found underground just west of the Nice Fortnite Park

Go to the Snobbands, on the extreme left of the map, and enter a brick house to find another piece of the Fortnite puzzle. The piece will be next to a sofa, just after going down the stairs.

House on the Margin Snobs hides one of Fortnite's pieces

The great restaurant of the Greasy Forest hides one of the pieces of the Fortnite puzzle. Go through the balcony and go down the stairs to a sort of warehouse, where one of the parts can be found next to some items or even a chest.

Find part of the puzzle in the basement of the Fat Forest Restaurant

Just after taking the Greasy Grove part, continue down the map to one of the curves at its edge. A solitary house on site will feature one of the pieces, centered on its bottom.

After the Forest, head to the bottom to find another piece in Fortnite

On the left side of the Matreiras Mine area, go down the stairs to find a sort of shooting studio, which will have a piece positioned just in front of the green background, right in front of where you came from.

Matreiras Mine Studio has a piece in Fortnite

At the top left of the Via do Varejo, enter a damaged house and go down the stairs on the left to find the last piece, hidden between the descent and some metal shelves. This will complete the mission.

Go to the left side of the Via do Varejo to get a Fortnite piece

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