Google Maps: compare prices and waiting time in Uber, Cabify and 99 POP

Google Maps allows iPhone users (iOS) and Android smartphones to compare features of the major private car services. On the cell phone, the map application displays race values ​​and race wait times on Cabify, 99 POP, and Uber. The function is ideal to know which of the services best serves a region and prevents the loss of time until the arrival of a car.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to use Google Maps to compare the quality and values ​​offered in races by Uber, Cabify and 99 POP.

Tutorial shows how to use Google Maps to compare the services offered by Uber, Cabify and 99 Pop

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Step 1. Open Google Maps, tap the search bar and enter the location you want to quote your trip. To proceed, touch the search result.

Action to search for a location in the Google Maps app

Step 2. Select the "Routes" option to open the path definition screen to the location. To proceed, touch the baggie doll icon below the place of departure and destination, as shown in the image below.

Way to see travel prices for a place by searching the Google Maps app

Step 3. At this point, it is possible to check the price estimate for the trips in all Uber race modes and the waiting time until the car arrives to your place. To continue comparing, tap 99 and see the same data for the 99 POP service. Proceed by tapping "Cabify".

Window to view race prices and waiting time when ordering a car from Uber and 99 Pop

Step 4. View the data for Cabify and compare which of the services is most suitable for your trip.

Values ​​and wait time data for a race in the Cabify app seen through Google Maps

Use the tip whenever you want to quote one-time trips on private cars from Uber, Cabify and 99 Pop.

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