GoPro App: How to Format the Camera Memory Card by Mobile

GoPro App allows you to format the SD card in the camera directly from the phone. The procedure is simpler than the machine menu, especially if the model does not have an LCD screen. Another advantage is that the method works on all versions compatible with the application, which ranges from Hero 3 to the most current Hero6 Black.

Deleting the files from the memory card is useful for having more recording space, as well as downloading the firmware of some variants. Learn how to perform this task in the official GoPro application available for Android and iPhone (iOS) in step-by-step instructions.

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Learn how to format your GoPro memory card with the mobile app

Step 1. First of all, you need to remember that the formatting will definitely erase your photos and videos, and you need to perform a backup before. Once this is done, touch the camera icon on the app home screen and click on the settings button, represented by a wrench;

Path to the GoPro App Settings Menu

Step 2. Scroll down to the "Delete" section and click "Delete all files from SD card". In the dialog box, tap "Delete All Files" to confirm the operation;

Formatting GoPro's micro SD card from the mobile app

Step 3. Done, your GoPro's memory card has been formatted. Entering the media menu, you will see that it is now empty.

Media Center without files after SD card formatting

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