Home for Carnival: how to use Airbnb for seasonal rentals

The website Airbnb shows houses, apartments, lodges and rooms that the owners offer for seasonal rental during Carnival. The platform is free and allows to use filters so that the presented results are adapted to the type of lodging that the user needs. It is possible, for example, to determine the number of rooms, beds, bathrooms and amenities offered by the host.

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To use Airbnb and cook a home for Carnival, it is necessary to have a register on the site, which can be accomplished using a Facebook account, Google or an email address. The rental process is carried out securely within the site's platform. Check out the following tutorial to find out how to find seasonal rentals on Airbnb.

See how to find a suitable Carnival accommodation for you and your friends using Airbnb

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Step 1. Open the Airbnb website (or install the app on your phone). To begin, use the "Enter" button to view the login and registration page of the site;

Action to open the Airbnb site registration or login page

Step 2. You can use a Facebook or Google account to perform a quick registration on the site. There is also the option via an email address. If you already have an account, just click on the option Facebook or Google to enter;

Action to log in or register an Airbnb service account

Step 3. Use the search bar to find the city that wants to spend the carnival period and click on the corresponding result;

Action to search for a place to spend the carnival using Airbnb

Step 4. Click "Dates" to determine a hosting period;

Action to select lodging dates to find a seasonal rental on Airbnb website

Step 5. Click on the day you want to enter and exit the hosting. To continue, click "Apply";

Defining a hosting period in the search of the Airbnb site

Step 6. To view all filters, click the "More filters" button in the top menu;

Action to check filters to find a seasonal accommodation on the Airbnb website

Step 7. Use the options to choose accommodations with features that you consider important regarding accommodations, rooms and the amount of beds. In this first part, it is also possible to define that the hosts are experienced and certified as Suporhost and places with accessibility;

Popular Searches for Seasonal Rental Searches on Airbnb

Step 8. Check other features and features of the place. Under "Property type", set whether searching for a house, hostel, apartment or other type of accommodation;

Action to use other filters to search for seasonal rentals on the Airbnb site

Step 9. Set the options for "House Rules, " "Neighborhood Guide, " and "Host Language." If it is a lodging for the Carnival period, it may be important to define the filter "Suitable for events". In this way, the search will find places where hosts prepare the party environment;

Action to set filters for house rules, guides and language spoken by the host of a seasonal hosting on the Airbnb website

Step 10. To view results corresponding to the filters used, click the "Show Accommodations" button;

Action to check all seasonal properties that fit the filters selected on the Airbnb website

Step 11. Click on "Hospedes" in the upper menu and choose the amount of adults, children and babies that will be among the guests. To proceed, click "Apply." Remember that the more guests, the more expensive the value will be.

Action to set the amount of guests to find a seasonal rental on the Airbnb site

Step 12. Click on one of the hosting offered to view more details;

Action to check a lodging when searching for seasonal rentals on the Airbnb site

Step 13. Check pictures and other details of the place. Also check the values ​​and taxes included in the final value of the rent. To proceed and book, click the Reserve button to view payment options.

Action to start a seasonal reserve by Airbnb site

Take advantage of the tips to find an ideal accommodation for friends or family to spend the Carnival.

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