How to adjust the screen of the notebook monitor

To adjust color, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the notebook display, you must use the computer's operating system settings. That's because laptop monitors do not have physical buttons like desktop computers.

Check out the next step in how to use the native Windows monitor setup app to calibrate and fine-tune your notebook screen. This allows you to improve the display quality of your images. The procedure was performed on a PC running Windows 10, but the tips are also valid for other versions of the Microsoft system.

Resolution, brightness and contrast: understand the specifications of a monitor

Learn how to adjust your notebook screen

Step 1. In the search, type "calibrate colors" (without quotation marks) and open the first result, as indicated in the image;

Open the Screen Calibration Wizard

Step 2. The color calibration wizard introduction screen will appear. In it, click "Next" twice;

Calibration Wizard Home Screen

Step 3. The wizard will then show you a brief explanation of the range of the monitor. Click "Next" to proceed with the calibration;

Adjusting the monitor range

Step 4. Use the bar on the left side of the window to adjust the range of your monitor. Remember to leave it at an intermediate point, as indicated on the previous screen;

Adjusting the screen range

Step 5. Now, because it is a notebook without manual controls, click on "Ignore brightness and contrast adjustments";

Skip the brightness and contrast settings

Step 6. You can then adjust the monitor's color balance. Click "Next" to access the settings;

Color balance information

Step 7. Use the bars at the bottom of the wizard to change the intensity of each color. After making the desired settings, click "Next";

Adjusting the color balance

Step 8. On the last screen of the wizard, you can compare the calibration you just made with the previous one. To do this, simply use the buttons indicated in the image. Finally, press "Finish" to save the settings.

Finalizing video calibration

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to adjust the color of your notebook display and improve the quality of the images.

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