How to change your Gmail profile photo from your mobile phone

The Gmail app has an option to change the user's view photo within the platform. The feature, which is available in the iPhone app (iOS) and on Android devices, lets you use a new photo taken with your device's camera or any saved image in the library. In this way, you can customize your Gmail profile photo simply and quickly, without the need to access the email manager from your computer.

It's important to know that the following procedure will also simultaneously change the photo of your Google account. That is, all the services that you linked to the browser will display the same image. Check out how to change your Gmail profile photo in the tutorial we have prepared.

Tutorial shows you how to change your display photo in Gmail through the service app for iOS and Android

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Step 1. Open Gmail and touch the three-bar icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Then go to Settings.

Path to access Gmail settings by the smartphone app

Step 2. Tap your email address and, in the next window, under "My account".

Path to access Gmail account settings in the smartphone app

Step 3. Touch "Update Photo" and choose the "Set profile photo" option.

Tool for updating Gmail profile photo

Step 4. In this example, we will use the "Choose in photos" option, but you can also take a photo using the camera of the phone. When the app opens your photo library, touch the image you want to use.

Steps to choose a photo from your phone to use in your Gmail profile

Step 5. At this point, use the tweezer movement with your fingers to enlarge the image and frame your face in profile photo scaling. When you're satisfied, touch "Choose." Once this is done, the photo will update and you can close the app to finalize the procedure.

Action to set a new profile photo in Gmail by the smartphone app

Take the hint to change whenever you want your profile photo in Gmail and your Google account.

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