How to enable camera HDR on iPhone

The iPhone can take pictures in HDR - technology that improves image quality, especially when captured against light. The function, however, must be enabled in the iOS settings, not the camera, before recording any photo. The user can also activate a setting that preserves the original file, without HDR, to compare the result with the improved image.

Learn, in the next step, how to set up HDR mode on your Apple phone. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8 with iOS 11, but the function is also available on other models of the phone.

Learn how to set up HDR mode on iPhone

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Step 1. Access the iPhone settings and touch "Camera".

Open camera settings

Step 2. Now activate the "Auto HDR" option. If you want, you can also mark the "Keep Normal Photo" item so that the iPhone preserves the original photo (without HDR).

Enabling HDR mode

Step 3. If you have enabled this last option, you will see duplicate photos in your library. The enhanced image can be identified by the "HDR" entry in the upper left corner. In the example, note how the feature improved cloud details.

Comparison between original photo and HDR

Ready! Enjoy the tips to take better photos with your iPhone.

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