How to find discount coupon for restaurants with the Coupon app

Cuponeria is a free app for Android and iPhone (iOS) that helps you find coupons on the phone and save money. In the app, discounts are available for various stores, physical or virtual, as well as restaurants and movie theaters. You can even use a location filter to find options close to you.

Check out, in the next walkthrough, how to find discount coupons for restaurants by cell phone. The procedure was performed on an Apple phone, but the tips are also good for mobile users with the Google system.

Learn how to use the Coupon app to find discount coupons on your phone

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Step 1. Install the Cuponeria on your cell phone. When you open the app for the first time, a brief introduction about the app will be displayed. Press "Skip" in the lower left corner of the screen, or "See how it works" to move forward.

Application introduction screen

Step 2. After passing the introduction, tap "Start". Then you'll need to create a free in-app account. You can use Facebook or Google data to make it easier to register.

Create a free account to use the application

Step 3. Coupon will request access to your location to display discount coupons near you. Click "Authorize, " then "Allow, " so the app can use your location.

Let the app access your location

Step 4. To find restaurant coupons, tap "Categories" and then "Restaurants". You can view the available coupons by food type and brand. If you want to see the options next to you, click on "See coupons near me".

Finding discount coupons for restaurants

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to find discount coupons and save money on your purchases.

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