How to make the portrait effect of iPhone without having the Apple smartphone

The dual camera iPhones 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X allow you to capture photos with a popular effect called "Portrait Mode". The feature leaves the subject or subject in the foreground and the background out of focus. Anyone who is a fan of the effect, but can not or simply does not want to buy an Apple phone, can resort to a free resource and has a similar result.

To do this, simply have the LightX app installed on your mobile device and follow the walkthrough below.

How to make the portrait effect of iPhone without having the Apple smartphone

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Step 1. Download the LightX app and open it on your phone. Touch the "Album" option in the bottom menu of the screen. Find the photo you want to use and touch it.

Select a photo in your smartphone gallery

Step 2. Touch the pencil icon to access the tool options, and in the menu that opens, touch the "Splash" item.

Step 3. To start using the feature, tap the screen and drag your finger over the area you want to blur. As soon as you complete the first "trace", a menu with tools will appear. If you have not selected the entire area you want at the first moment, activate the "Smart Selection" item and continue the process. However, if you have selected more than desired, simply choose "Smart Rubber". In that first moment, do not worry about perfection.

Slide your finger over the area you want to blur

Step 4. Touch the "Effect" tab. Wherever "Paintbrush" is written, drag your finger from bottom to top until you see the "Effect" option.

Step 5. Touch the "Blur" item to apply the blur effect to the image. Now it will be easier to see the previously selected area selection. To make new adjustments, access the features of the "Tools" tab again.

Step 6. Use the options known as "Smart Selection" and "Smart Eraser" to select or delete a large region at a time. You can now see the effect applied directly in each area. If you want to select a smaller portion and adjust it manually, drag the tool options from left to right to use "Brush" and "Eraser".

Use the LightX brush to select smaller areas in the photo

Step 7. With the image at a distance, at first glance, it may appear that the entire background is out of focus. However, for best results, we recommend using the "Magnification" feature, which lets you zoom in and see each part of the photo in detail.

Use the LightX Magnification tool to see the photo in more detail

Step 9. Now is the time to adjust how blurry the background will be. To do this, simply scroll the bar that appears on the screen to the right or left. Found the ideal level, touch the "X" to close.

Select how blurred you want the background of the image

Step 10. To finish the process, tap on the "check" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then save the edited image by clicking on the floppy icon. The photo will be stored in the gallery.

Save the photo edited in LightX

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