How to mute all Facebook sounds on Android

The Facebook app for smartphones emits sound in almost every activity, whether it's time to enjoy, react, comment or post. This can give you auditory cues, in addition to visual, about what is happening during use. However, for some people, this characteristic can end up being unpleasant, especially in public environments.

Although the feature is enabled automatically, you can disable all Facebook sounds without having to remove audio from your phone. Learn how to perform this procedure below. Remembering that the following steps are done on Android, but the feature is also present for iPhone (iOS).

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Step 1. Open Facebook and click on the sandwich menu. Scroll down to the "Help and Settings" section and enter "Application Settings".

Facebook app settings menu for Android

Step 2. The "Sounds in the application" field is activated. Tap the key to deactivate.

Deactivation of sounds in the Facebook application for Android

Step 3. Ready! All Facebook app sounds have been disabled. You can enjoy, react and comment in silence.

Facebook Android app with sounds off

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