How to use Enem's Time to study with online videos

Enem Hour is a TV School program that features interviews with educators and videotape students who have common doubts among students in the national exam. The Ministry of Education makes the episodes available for free on the Internet and, in order to watch the videos, no registration is necessary on the site. The platform offers options for sharing content with friends from Facebook, Twitter and via email.

In addition, videos are available for download in different resolutions so they can be watched with quality on PC and mobile. Check out how to study for Enem 2018 by watching the online videos of the Enem Hour program.

Enem 2018: six simulated sites and questions for study

Tutorial shows how to use the Enem Time program to study for the Enem 2018 with online videos

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Step 1. Access the TV School website ( and use the search bar to search the "Enem Hour" program;

Action to search the page of the program The Hour of the Enem in the site of the School TV

Step 2. Select the Enem Time thumbnail to access the videos;

Action to open contents of the program The Hour of the Enem in the site of the TV School

Step 3. At this point, some videos will be displayed. To see more content about the program, press the "Show more videos" option;

Action to view all videos with lessons and tips from the Enem Hour program

Step 4. Rest the mouse pointer over the video you want to watch to view the options;

Action to open options for a video of the program The Time of the Enem in the site of the TV School

Step 5. The site will show a summary about the content and ratings of other viewers. To start the lesson, tick the "Watch" button;

Action to start a video with video lesson of the program The Hour of the Enem

Step 6. The video will start in a player in the middle of the screen. Below the scenes, press the share button;

Options for a lesson video about Enem of the Enem Time program

Step 7. Use the sharing buttons with Facebook, Twitter and email to send the content to social networks and friends;

Sharing options for videos with lessons on the Enem of Enem's Hour program

Step 8. Rest the mouse pointer over the arrow icon below the player to view download options. Select the resolution quality to choose the format of the video that will be available for download;

Option to download a video from the Enem's Hour program to your computer

Step 9. Right click on the player and choose the option to download the video.

Action to download on the computer a video with classes of the Enem of the program The Hour of the Enem

Browse through video content and take advantage of teacher tips in preparation for the Enem 2018 events.

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