How to watch TV on mobile: Globoplay has live programming

Reprints of soap operas, football, series episodes and other TV Globo grid content are available in the Globoplay app for Android and iPhone (iOS). With a lot of content released to all users, the streaming platform requires only a brief registration to access a vast library of free videos. Also, depending on your location, you can watch live TV programming on your phone.

In the following tutorial, see how to register and access the main features of the online TV service. The step by step was carried out on a Galaxy S8 smartphone running Android O.

Learn to use the main functions of Globoplay on mobile

World Cup 2018: watching live matches on mobile

How to register and subscribe

Step 1. Globoplay requires a brief registration to release the free content. Go to the side menu and tap "Enter" to access the login screen. Register using email and password or use your Facebook or Google accounts to expedite the process.

Sign in for free to access Globoplay

Step 2. If you choose to sign to unlock the intact, tap on "Try 7 days free" and complete the registration with the CPF number. Signature validation is via paid form on Google Play (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

Subscribe to Globoplay directly by mobile

Subscribers can access the full chapters of novels, series, humor programs, drawings and complete movies. The content involves the programming that is in the air and other 140 historical titles of the transmitter. In some cases, episodes may be released on Globoplay before the TV's open signal. Content reserved for subscribers is identified by the "subscribers" label.

Globoplay offers seven days of free tasting. Only after this deadline and if the user wishes, the service starts charging R $ 18.90 per month for access on cell phones, tablets, TV or computers.

How to watch soap operas

Step 1. In the side menu, tap "Novels" to view the available titles. At the top, the app displays the soap operas that are in the air. Below, in the "Replay" section, you find the oldest content with episodes available for review on the platform.

Access recent and old novels by Globoplay

Step 2. When selecting a novel, Globoplay displays at the top the available chapters in full available to subscribers. Scroll down to access snippets, which are shorter videos released for free to everyone.

Watch novels and excerpts from Globoplay novels

How to watch football

How to watch football games on mobile phones on Globoplay

Step 1. The main bids of the games of Brasileirão, Libertadores and other tournaments, in addition to sports programs, are available in the "Sports" menu.

Globoplay has content of championships and sports programs

Step 2. Navigate through the days of the week to explore best moments videos. Globoplay does not bring complete football matches, except for the matches of the 2018 World Cup.

Watch the best moments of games on your mobile phone

How to access the schedule

TV Globo's live programming, called simulcasting, is broadcast via Globoplay for free to the metropolitan areas of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Distrito Federal, Recife or Amazonas. Because of this, the application needs permission to access GPS data from the phone to determine the location. In other regions, the service offers content on demand.

Step 1. The complete TV Globo grid is available in the "Programming" menu, with content organized by day. If you are in one of the Globoplay live coverage regions, look for the "On Air" ID to open the simulcasting on your phone.

Access the live broadcast of TV Globo on Globoplay

Step 2. In the "Local Programs" option, the user can browse newspapers and other variety shows in his city.

Access local programming by Globoplay

Function "In your time"

Step 1. The "In Your Time" feature allows you to quickly create a playlist with pre-set duration. Tap the function in the side menu and determine how much time you have available at the moment.

Set the length of the Globoplay playlist

Step 2. Next, Globoplay displays content styles to choose from and displays a list of videos that fit in your free time.

Choose style and play in videos with predetermined duration

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