iPhone with touch screen problem: learn tips to solve

The touch function of the iPhone may present problems over time. The reason may be some system bug or even a hardware malfunction. However, some of these situations can be solved by the user. Apple suggests some procedures to recover the response to the touch, or even to solve problems with black or frozen screen.

To help you take advantage of these tips, TechTudo has prepared the tutorial below. It is worth mentioning that, should the problem continue, it is advisable to seek technical assistance.

See what to do if your iPhone has a touch problem

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iPhone does not respond to touch or has black screen

On an iPhone X , 8 or 8 Plus

Step 1. Quickly press and release the volume up button, then the volume down button.

Step 2. Then hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Volume up and down buttons on the left and side button on the right

On an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Step 1. Simultaneously press the volume down and side buttons for 10 seconds, until the Apple symbol appears on the screen.

Press the Volume Down and Side Buttons simultaneously

On an iPhone 6s or earlier, iPad or iPod touch

Step 1. Press the Start button and the top (or side) button for 10 seconds. Release only when the company logo appears.

IPhone 6 Home and Side Buttons

Restore iPhone factory defaults

Another possibility is to reset the phone to restore its factory settings. Thus, if the problem is due to some specific configuration, the procedure can normalize the situation.

Remember that the action erases all the personal content of your iPhone, such as photos, videos and applications. So, if you want to do it, make a backup on your mobile phone first. To reset your smartphone, follow the tutorial below:

Step 1. Access the iPhone "Settings" and tap "General".

Step 2. Next, choose the "Reset" option and on the page you open, touch "Erase Content and Settings".

Step 3. The iPhone will prompt you to enter your password. Do this, and then confirm that you want to delete the iPhone.

Confirm that you want to delete the iPhone

Get Apple Technical Support

If the above steps do not solve the problem of your iPhone, it is best to seek Apple support. To do this, see how to use the company's warranty and technical support on your devices.

Apple offers service through the following number: 0800-761-0880. You can also go to the Village Mall stores in Rio de Janeiro and Morumbi Shopping in São Paulo.

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