Learn to watch a friend's matches in League of Legends

League of Legends features a spectator system, which allows players to watch matches from other users in their contact list. In addition to serving as a peek at friends' games, the function is also very useful for studying game strategies and having a privileged view of a complete game with access to all players and map areas. Check out the tutorial and see how to watch friends' matches.

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Step 1. In the League of Legends launcher menu, right click on the name of the friend you want to watch and select "Watch match";

Click to watch a match of a friend in the League of Legends

Step 2. If the match has just started, you will have to wait for the spectator interval. This is to prevent users watching the game from interfering with the outcome by communicating with the players;

Wait for the spectator range to watch the League of Legends game

Step 3. With the game rolling, click the champions icons (right and left side of the screen) to move the camera to them on the map. It is possible to watch the players of both teams, or even lock the camera in only one of them, using the list positioned at the bottom left of the screen.

Another good alternative is the directed camera, which works automatically, and always seeks to display the most important moments of the game, such as duels between champions, destruction of towers and other highlights;

Click to choose a player to follow in League of Legends

Step 4. Touch the small eye icon at the bottom to gain access to the interface control. In this screen you can enable or disable all elements of the game screen, such as a map, map, list of players and other details;

You can customize the League of Legends interface

Step 5. Another way to guarantee privileged images of the match is by using the map. Just like during a normal game, just click any area of ​​the arena to quickly move to it to observe the action;

Move freely through the League of Legends map

Step 6. One of the coolest options in League of Legends viewer mode is the ability to pause matches at any time. You can also go back in time to review any play, all using a timeline at the bottom of the screen, which also marks moments of interest in the game, such as clashes and deaths.

If you want to store the game for later viewing, click the record button (red circle). This will leave the replay available in the League of Legends, so you can run it at any time;

Use the timeline to advance or return to key moments of the League of Legends match

Step 7. To communicate with one of the players of the match, press Enter and type / w followed by the player's name and the desired message ( example: w / Hello! ). Move the chat interface through the blue bar and keep an eye on the heroes' responses and other interactions;

You can send messages to players participating in the League of Legends match

Step 8. Finally, more advanced users can also use various shortcuts to make it easier to navigate and activate features in League of Legends viewer mode. You can still customize keys for various actions, such as pause, change player and see full score.

Use shortcuts to control the viewer mode of the League of Legends

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