Note from Enem 2018 is released; learn how to see your result

The note of the Enem 2018 can be consulted from this Friday (18). In order to check the result of the exam, the student must access the participant's page through the Inep Portal. It is necessary to have in hand the CPF number and registered password to see the individual note.

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According to the schedule in the Portal do Inep, in this first date will be released only the individual results of the 201em Enem. Those who have not yet finished high school and took the exam as a self-assessment, so-called "trainees", will only have access to the notes in March. The "mirror of the essay", the digitized version of the texts with the justifications for the notes, will also only be available in the month of March. Follow the steps below to find the Enem 2018 note.

Note from Enem 2018 is published this Friday (18) by Inep

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Step 1. Access the Enem portal ( On the home screen of the site, click on the "Access Participant Page" button;

Go to the Enem 2018 Portal

Step 2. Next, select the "Participant's Page" option;

Select the participant page

Step 3. Enter your CPF, password and click on the picture to respond to the captcha. Then click the "Submit" button to continue;

Enter your registered CPF and password

Step 4. The results of the objective test and the writing will appear right on the participant's homepage. To print the notes or save to a PDF file, click the "Print" button at the bottom of the page.

Check the notes on the participant's main page

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