Retrieving Chrome history from your Google account and DNS

Retrieving your browser history can be useful for locating the address of a website that gets lost after you clear history. For Chrome, you can do this in two ways: through your computer's DNS, or by accessing your Google account's activity log. In the latter case, the user must be logged in during navigation.

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In the following tutorial, check out how to retrieve Chrome browsing history on your PC. The hint of accessing the DNS record is only valid for Windows computers. MacOS or Linux users can use the procedure that retrieves the activity history saved in the Google account.

Learn how to retrieve Chrome browsing history

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Using the DNS Registry

Step 1. Open the Run by pressing "Windows Key + R". In it, enter the command "cmd" and press "OK";

Open the Windows Command Prompt

Step 2. In the Command Prompt window, type "ipconfig / displaydns" (without quotation marks) and press Enter;

Enter the indicated command

Step 3. You will see the sites on which the computer recently connected. It is important to remember that the list also includes sites accessed by other applications and browsers.

Viewing history of sites connected to the PC

By Google history

Step 1. Go to and log in to your Google account, if necessary. Then choose the "Filter by date and product" option;

Open the Google Activity Log

Step 2. Choose the period in which you want to view the history and uncheck the "All products" option;

Choose the date and uncheck the indicated option

Step 3. Finally, select the checkbox to the left of "Google Chrome" and click on the magnifying glass icon. The history of visited sites in the selected date range is displayed.

Viewing Chrome activity log

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