Tips to get well in Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is the mobile game based on the animation Knights of the Zodiac and launched in late 2017 for Android and iOS. The game, a mix of action and RPG, puts the player in control of the Athena Knights, going through all phases of the anime. Now, we'll give you some tips to get on with Cosmo Fantasy, and show how you can solve a problem with the download by locking and preventing you from starting the title.

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Solving problem with game download

To start, we should cite a problem that, even after some updates, has not yet been resolved by Bandai Namco. After downloading Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, the game still needs to download more data to start. It is at this point that many users have encountered problems, since progress often hangs at 99%.

To solve this, there is a very simple solution that should serve until an update eliminates the drawback.

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy home screen

When you reach 99% and realize that the download has crashed, press the menu button of your Android or Home of your iPhone / iPad. This will make the game "minimized". Then go back to it. Repeat this process a few times.

This should cause some stage that blocks progress to be exceeded, allowing the installation to complete. If downloading more data is necessary at other times of the gameplay and lock again, just repeat the process.

Always check your equipment

One of the ways to make your knights more powerful is to arm them with items won in battles or purchased in the store. That way, their attack and defense power can increase.

Equip items in your knights

In addition, by equipping six items in a character, you can increase your rank by absorbing all enhancements to the accoutrements and making room for new items to be used.

Always take a look at your message box

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy sends warnings and items to players who enter every day in the game. They stay in the message box, so it's always interesting to keep an eye out for bonuses and even new characters.

The Golden Lion Knight was presented to the players

For example, during the release period, the Golden Lion Knight, Aiolia, was presented to all users. The letter that activated it was inside the message box.

Do all the daily quests

Every day a list of small missions is updated. Each of them gives important items and bonuses. So whenever you log into Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, try to complete those goals early on.

That way, you can earn some items that will help evolve your heroes and make them ready to face the real challenges of the game.

Finish battles with a special hit

Battles are relatively simple, you should just watch the knights attack their enemies and activate some special powers as they become available.

Use your special power at the right time

The key here is to know how to use these powers at the right time. When the last enemy is low on energy, release your ability. That way, you can earn finishing bonuses (besides looking much cooler in the process).

With these brief tips, you can let your knights strong enough to get through the different types of combat.

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