What is printing on Instagram?

The "print" metric in Instagram refers to the number of times a post was viewed, without differentiating whether it was viewed more than once by the same user. There is another metric called "reach", which measures only the number of times posts are viewed, but not counting user repetitions. So when a publication has three impressions and two reach, this indicates that the content has been viewed more than once by someone.

This is true for posts in the feed, as well as for Stories and also for videos posted on IGTV. Access to this information is restricted to business accounts, which have access to Instagram Insights - a social network platform area to measure the success of posts. See below for how to access print data for each type of publication.

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Overall impression

Here you have access to the impressions of the account as a whole, with a sum of impressions of all types of posts, both in Stories and in the feed. To find the data, go to your profile and click the graph icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There will be all metrics, including print.

Instagram account impressions

Printing a post

Tap on the post from which you want to know the metrics. Then touch "View Info" and then drag the screen up. The print information appears last in the data list.

Impressions of an Instagram publication

Printing a Stories

Go to the Stories and drag the screen up as if to see who saw the post. Touch the chart icon in the left corner. The number of impressions will then appear in the "Discover" session.

Impressions of a Stories on Instagram

IGTV Printing

The IGTV gives the viewing information. To access it, go to the post and tap the three dots on the bottom bar. In the menu that appears, select "view information". The information will appear in "Views".

Instagram IGTV video impressions

Okay, now you already know what the metric printing means and how to access it in Instagram.

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