WhatsApp Beta gains tool against excessive messages; know how to use

The WhatsApp test version has gained a shortcut to mute conversations by the Android notification center. When you accumulate at least 51 unread messages, a button is displayed just below the messages in the notification itself. You can then disable contact alerts. The feature, present in WhatsApp, is ideal to prevent the flood of messages that some people send by the messenger.

In the following lines, learn how to use the new shortcut to mute the notifications for a conversation in WhatsApp. It's worth remembering that you need to have the messenger test version (2.18.218) installed on your phone - learn how to update your apps. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4 with Android Nougat (7.1.1).

WhatsApp Beta has shortcut to mute notifications

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Tutorial on Android

Step 1. First, wait for a person to send at least 51 messages through WhatsApp. The "Mute" button will appear just below the warnings in the notification center. Touch it.

Touch the mute button

Step 2. Finally, just select how long you want to silence the notifications (eight hours, a week or a year) and touch "OK". Note that this will open the conversation and messages will be displayed. However, from now on, you will not be bothered anymore.

Select how long notifications will be silenced

Shortcut to mark messages as read

WhatsApp is also testing another shortcut to mark messages as read directly from the notification center, according to the specialist website WABetaInfo . The option, which works similarly to the "mute" button, should be useful for answers such as "ok" or "thank you", which generally do not need to be answered. The feature, however, is not yet available to users.

With information: WABetaInfo .

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